November 14, 2009

LED Dress

This dress is created by two designers from London. It is made of silk chiffon and 24,000 full color LEDs. It's called the Galaxy Dress. It runs on tiny iPod batteries woven into the fabric .

Nulla bicycle

New concept is is being in making progress. It has no wires in the tyres.

Techno Cycle

Go cycle is coming in few day.

November 11, 2009

Firebox USB Snakescope camera.

Firebox is offering the USB "Snakescope" camera, semi-flexible insertion tube, the camera head and cable are waterproof, so ideal plumbing. There's also a clip-on magnet that will help to retrive metal objects.Complete with software that allows you to view, edit and save down recordings, the snakescope records in VGA quality and works with Windows-based PCs.

AQ Amigo screen-topping PC speaker.

AQ Amigo has announced a new portable PC speaker that's designed to fit to the top of laptop screens for a stereo sound boost on the go. This speaker technology is a USB plug and play.Compatible with both PCs and Macs, the speaker offers 2 x 1.2 Watt output, measures 260 x 60 x 25mm, weighs 170 grams.

November 10, 2009

Fingerprint Encrypted Mouse.

The 508 dpi is a fingerprint encryption mouse. Its function is to secure your personal data. It also support virtual disk and can hide this data partition.

Logitec Bluetooth Receiver.

Bluetooth audio receiver ‘LBT-AR200C2′ from Logitec, with this device you’ll be able to playback any music simply by connecting it with a compatible mobile phone, PMP, computer. It also has play / pause and skip buttons and has an internal battery that lasts up to 6 hours after being charged via USB.